What parents are saying.

Here is what some grateful parents had to say about Family Secure in a recent focus group.

Lollie Kientz
"I want to thank you for the fabulous idea you have at FamilySecure.com. I have registered and learned that my children's identity is safe and no activity was detected. As the new wave of ID Theft is stealing children's identities, I will definitely be recommending this product to friends and family. Thank you for helping me protect my family's future."
Lollie Kientz, (Mother of 2 children)
Lily Mamola
"Family Secure is a must for every family. I hope that your company reaches many others so they may be protected also. If more people are aware, identity theft could be something of the past."
Lily Mamola, (Mother of 4 children)
Sabrina Tanji
"Thank you for helping me keep my family safe. I was unaware of child identity theft and knowing that there is someone looking out for myself and my family is very comforting."
Sabrina Tanji, (Mother of 2 children)
Jennifer Carlson
"I'm glad to see a reputable company taking initiative to protect my kids from Identity Theft. It makes me more at ease to know my family's information is accessible to me at my discretion and with up-to-date information and alerts to allow me to monitor our personal information.

It gives me a better impression of Experian, as they seem to be the front-runner and leader in protecting an entire family and not just the adults."
Jennifer Carlson, (Mother of 4 children)
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