Talking About I.D. Theft.

In a recent focus group, this is what some concerned parents had to say about identity theft and the growing threat to children and teens:

"Children should not have their lives and credit ruined early in life. Everything now is based on credit and ruining it now can ruin their lives."

- Janet, 33

"The last thing I'd want is to have my children's credit rating destroyed before they even have a chance to make it on their own."
- Renee, 42

"I do not want my son's credit ruined before he is even old enough to understand the importance of having a good credit history."
- Mark, 41

"Because I love them very much, I don't want them to suffer down the road because I didn't do my best to protect them."
- Samantha, 28

"I want my child to start out in life with the best chance possible."
- David, 31

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