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Students and credit

As high school graduation and the responsibilities of the real world loom near, it may be a good time to start thinking about establishing your own credit history. Establishing credit before you graduate puts you in a much better position once you join the working world and need to make major purchases.

Chances are you've already been contacted by various lenders offering all kinds of credit cards. Ever on the lookout for new customers headed for professional careers, creditors know that many students will be long term customers, and they are eager to forge relationships with students early on.

Student credit card offers often include promotional specials, such as free gifts or low introductory interest rates. Take your time and carefully review all of your credit choices before submitting a credit application. Pay attention to the fine print, too. Late fees, cash advance fees and annual fees can be significant. For more information, view "The fine print" article.

This article is provided for general guidance and information. It is not intended as, nor should it be construed to be, legal, financial or other professional advice. Please consult with your attorney or financial advisor to discuss any legal or financial issues involved with credit decisions.
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