Introducing Family Secure - your first line of defense against identity theft.

With as many as 9 million consumers victimized by identity theft per year - including up to 500,000 children - the need for powerful identity theft protection has never been greater.* Now Experian®, one of the nation´s three major credit bureaus, brings you Family Secure.

Family Secure combines comprehensive identity theft monitoring, email alerts, access to dedicated Fraud Resolution Representatives and a $2 Million Guarantee to help keep your family safe.

Here's how Family Secure helps protect you and your family against I.D. Theft:

  • Monitors your children´s personal information, alerting you if someone applies for credit or opens an account in their name
  • Monitors your Experian® Credit Report, alerting you to any key changes
  • Toll-free access to Fraud Resolution Representatives if suspicious activity or signs of identity theft are detected
  • Provides unlimited Experian Credit Reports to help you stay on top of your credit and protect your identity
  • Add all of your children at no additional cost
  • Allows you to add your spouse or another adult family member or friend at no additional cost

Take a closer look at the tools Family Secure uses to protect you and your family.

*Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft Site, 2007

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