Credit Monitoring.

Help protect your identity and stay on top of your credit with unlimited Experian® Credit Reports. Family Secure also monitors your children's personal information to protect them against identity theft.

Monitoring Your Experian Credit Report

Your credit report is an accumulation of detailed information on your credit history - this includes your identifying information, credit accounts and loans, payment practices and recent inquiries.

To help protect you against identity theft, Family Secure actively monitors your Experian® Credit Report, sending you email alerts with any key changes to your credit report. You´ll also be able to access your Experian® Credit Report and Credit Score at any time to review entries.

Monitoring Your Children's Personal Information

Once you enroll in Family Secure, we'll check your children's personal information to see if they have a credit file. (Some minors do have credit files - if their parents wish to include them or have them as co-signers on a credit card, for instance.)

We then regularly monitor your children's personal information, checking for signs of suspicious activity, such as someone applying for credit or opening an account in their name.

If activity is detected, you'll receive an email alert, prompting you to take immediate action by contacting one of our Fraud Resolution representatives. Once contacted, our Fraud Resolution reps will go into action to help clear your child's name.

Adding a Family Member or Friend to Family Secure

As a Family Secure member, you'll be able to extend credit and identity theft monitoring benefits to your spouse, another adult family member, or even at friend at no extra cost. The additional member will enjoy the benefits of unlimited access to his/herExperian Credit Reports and Scores, email alerts if key changes are detected on his/her credit report and the $2 Million Family Secure Guarantee. However, only the primary member will have access to child monitoring information.

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