Protect your children and yourself against identity theft with Family Secure.

Identity theft is one of the nation's fastest-growing crimes. Child identity theft is the fastest-growing form of identity theft. To parents, these are scary facts. But you don't have to feel helpless.

Family Secure safeguards your children against identity theft.

  • Family Secure monitors your children's personal information to help you rest easy.
  • Receive Email Alerts if someone applies for credit or opens an account in your child's name.
  • Fraud Resolution Representatives will assist you if activity consistent with child identity theft is detected.
  • $2 Million Family Secure Product Guarantee will reimburse you for certain expenses if our product fails and you become a victim of identity theft.
  • Add as many of your children as you like at no additional cost.

Credit Monitoring to protect your identity and help you stay on top of your credit.

  • Daily monitoring of your Experian Credit Report to help you catch early signs of identity theft.
  • Receive Email Alerts of key changes to your report.
  • Enjoy unlimited Experian Credit Reports and Scores so you always know where you stand.

With your enrollment in Family Secure, once we receive your children's personal information we'll check their credit file for activity. Checking a child's credit file is the fastest way to find out if he or she has become a victim of identity theft.

We'll then continue to monitor your children's personal information as well as your Experian credit file to help protect your family and keep you informed.

More on Credit Score.

DID YOU KNOW that three little numbers (your credit score) could end up saving you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars? Lenders use credit scores to help them determine the "credit worthiness" of consumers applying for credit cards, lines of credit, or loans. The applicant's credit score will probably be used for figuring out whether he or she qualifies for credit, and if so, what terms and interest rates he or she will receive.

Credit scores are calculated based on data in your credit reports and, as fluid numbers, change over time, sometimes on a daily basis! That's why it's so important to stay on top of your credit reports for changes that could affect your credit scores. Other than pulling your credit report on a daily basis, credit monitoring is the best way to know what's happening in your credit report.

Family Secure credit monitoring lets you do both - we monitor your Experian credit report for key changes and alert you if any are found. Plus you can check your credit report and score every day as a paid member!

Credit monitoring for you. Identity theft protection for your family. Enroll now!

Don't let identity thieves ruin your family's credit history. Stop identity theft in its tracks with Family Secure.




Safeguard your family's future with Family Secure


Protect your identity & stay on top of your credit with unlimited Reports. Family Secure also monitors your children's personal information to help protect them against identity theft.

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If someone applies for credit or opens an account in your child's name you'll receive an email alert. You'll also be alerted if there are any changes to your Experian Credit Report.

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Our fraud resolution representatives are on–hand to assist you if suspicious account activity or signs of identity theft are detected.

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Family Secure
$2,000,000 Product Guarantee!*

Only Family Secure offers you & your family the $2 million product guarantee.

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*Due to New York state law restrictions, the Family Secure product guarantee cannot be offered to residents of New York. ©, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Patent Pending.
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